Your reward will be sent once the coupon has been processed and approved. This may not take more than 48 hours. On the other hand, if the coupon you sent has been found to be working, the reward will not be sent.

Mac-hatter informs buyers of discounts on products that they purchase regularly. The platform does this by studying their preferences and giving back the results. Therefore, the website mainly contains discounts and offers applied on items and online retailers that you frequent as a buyer.

If you are looking for promo codes in the account, you should navigate to my coupons on the website’s page. You can also find them under this menu in the mobile app or web extension. You should also find a menu for gift cards on the same page.

The offers and promo codes that Mac-hatter applies to range from tech gadgets to clothes and even restaurants you can dine in. As a customer, you are in for a real treat as you will get the best prices to pay for whenever you pay for products and services you get from either of these.

You can change the email address on your account when you log in. after logging in; you should go to the right corner of the website’s page and select account. A page will be brought up that you can edit the email you use.

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