Where to get discount coupons in Australia

You can find out where to get discounted items at stores through coupons. The best way is to search online for coupons and then go to the store to redeem them. 

Where to get discount coupons in Australia


Coupons have been around since the days of cavemen and were used by the first humans to save on food and make it last longer.

The popularity of coupons has increased over the years. It now includes discounts on a wide range of products that cater to different needs. 

Coupons are available from many sources, including grocery stores, retail shops, pharmacies, convenience stores, supermarkets, online retailers, etc. You can also look for coupons from newspapers, magazines, radio stations, television channels etc. 

There are various types of coupons, for example, manufacturer coupons, store coupons, newspaper inserts, magazine ads, etc. There are even coupons that are unique to specific brands. Many people use coupons not only to save money but also because they provide great value and a lot of discounts. Coupons have become so popular these days that you should keep track of all the ones you receive and what you plan to do with them.

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Here we will discuss some of the easiest ways to get coupons.

  1. Use Google and Yahoo! Search for coupons

Google and Yahoo search engines offer several options to see which coupon sites offer the most deals. You can start by typing the name of the type of product you want to buy into their search engine. Once you choose a category, you will show a list of relevant websites. You can quickly navigate the pages you must go to using the links provided under the section all shops.

The best part of this method is that you don’t need to sift through hundreds of irrelevant websites to find reasonable offers. Instead, type into the search box the name of the item you wish to purchase and wait till you get the results.

  1. Get coupons mailed to you

This is one of the simplest yet effective ways to get your hand on valuable offers. Most major outlets will send you coupons when subscribing to their mailing lists. You can get them delivered by mail or email sent to your inbox. Make sure you have a valid address proof handy when you subscribe. 

Once you have subscribed, you can quickly locate and access coupons you have received through email. If you can’t find the coupons, contact your subscriber service provider and ask them to send you the latest issues. 

  1. Get coupons at the point-of-sale

You may notice coupons attached to certain products at the supermarket. You can find the coupons through the packaging or at the cashier. If you have forgotten your coupons, look for the printed bar code on the package or at the cashier. You can then enter the code on the bar code scanner to redeem the coupon. 

Sometimes, coupons aren’t required to take advantage of a discount. However, the product price often changes without you having to show any coupons. If possible, you may wish to try this method before asking the cashier for a discount.

  1. Buy gifts in bulk and save

Buying gifts in bulk can save you a lot of money. This is especially true if you buy them from the same retailer. Buying in bulk allows you to create bundles that contain everything you need at discounted prices. You don’t have to worry about the extra shipping charge because most retailers will cover all the costs associated with sending their products to you.

Most retailers will allow you to return the unused portion of the bundle within 30 days. However, you must pay for the cost of the returned goods. 

  1. Go to your favourite restaurants and get discounts

Where to get discount coupons in Australia


Most restaurant chains usually have a coupon page on their website. Most of the time, you can print them out and bring them to redeem during your next meal. Alternatively, you can save this information on your phone or tablet and present the barcode to the cashier at the table.

  1. Look for deals on social media
  2. Social media is becoming increasingly popular amongst businesses, meaning many deals are posted daily.

If you want to stay updated on the best deals you can find, follow a few social media accounts that provide discount deals and coupons. You can also follow your favourite stores on social media.




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